FIRST NEWS! from Gabriel Isserlis, founder of Tutti

- 07 Dec 2018 -
IMAGE: Gabriel Isserlis, CEO and Founder of Tutti
Photographer: Will Alder

I was thrilled to catch up with Gabriel and hear all about his unique venture Tutti – which connects performing artists with rehearsal space in London.

First of all, tell us about your musical background

My family have been in music for generations. My father, however, is an intense act to follow. He’s turning 60 this year and since the age of 10, he hasn’t gone longer than 72 hours without practicing his cello! Naturally, as a young kid, I wanted to be exactly like him and chose to play the cello, starting at the age of 6. A poor choice … as I was always up for comparison?

As I moved away from music during university, I followed a path of technology, which I’d always loved.

So, how did the idea for Tutti come about?

Thanks to my basic knowledge of programming, a degree in film, an enormous love of all thing’s art and an overactive imagination, I decided to pursue a route which today has led to the creation of a sort of Airbnb for creative spaces – called Tutti.

I must add that initially, I designed and mapped out an enormous ecosystem – planned across hundreds of pages of documents – to help artists at all stages of their career. But after receiving endless advice that it was overly ambitious, and I had to start small, I eventually listened. One day perhaps!

What were the next steps?

I completed  Founder Institute earlier this year and met a wonderful co-founder Eric, also from a musical background. We launched a basic website for Tutti, that enables users to book rehearsal spaces in London – which is gathering momentum.  Meanwhile, Eric is leading a team of developers and designers in the US to build our App for iOS and Android, which we will launch early in the New Year!

Who are the users of Tutti?  How do they benefit?

On one side, we have musicians and performing artists struggling to get easy access to affordable space with the equipment and amenities they need to practice.  Most students that leave uni or college lose rights to practice there. Plus, in a cramped and expensive city like London, people often can’t practice at home, and if they’re part of a group, they often have to travel ridiculous distances to find suitable space that’s cheap enough.

Tutti solves all of this – by providing an increasing pool of affordable rehearsal spaces in easy to get to areas, which musicians can book – per hour or day – in just a few clicks! 

On the other side, we have the venues, which could be private homes, public spaces, and professional studios.

  • While the term private home seems to conjure a certain image in people’s minds, it can be anything from a student flat to a stately manor with some unused space or an instrument that is dying to be played. Tutti helps owners to put free space and dusty instruments to good use, and make money doing so.
  • Tutti gives public spaces such as churches and community centres opportunities to raise extra funds to offset their rent/utility costs, providing additional sources of income during times when they have no customers or visitors.
  • Tutti can help bring customers into studios during quiet periods, helping increase cash flow at no additional cost!

It’s early days but we’re hoping to build a lovely community of supportive musicians, who we hope will connect and collaborate with one another, and music lovers, who will come to the performances of those collaborations.

What’s been your proudest moment to date?

When I pitched my idea with confidence and composure, to a room of my peers and mentors at the Founder Institute in June, resplendent with beautiful slides, and not even a hiccup. Nothing could shatter my internal pride for quite a while.

… Yet, only three months before, I’d broken down entirely delivering my 1-min pitch. I had about 8 sentences to say and managed to get the words out for maybe 2 of them. The rest of the time, I was standing there, transitioning through increasing shades of the colour red, and screaming to myself internally.  As it was a course entirely to teach pitching in readiness for approaching genuine investors, they were extremely kind and supportive!

What’s been the hardest part so far?

Keeping going on the days when there is no discernible step forward, especially in early days when we didn’t yet have a product. But the support from team members and family is what keeps me going. That, and coffee. Lots of coffee…

What are your goals?

We’re aiming to be THE website people go to for rehearsal needs in the UK. We’re aiming for 200 venues and 1000 musicians by middle of 2019, and our main goal is to get to that tipping point where word of mouth spreads faster than our marketing, which would be fantastic!

Photograph by Gabriel Isserlis
Musicians: Lipatti Piano Quartet

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