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- 18 Feb 2020 -

Fresh from his appearance on BBC Radio Stoke on Feb 7, whom they described as “Crewe’s answer to country music”, we catch up with Christopher Tweats on his single Someone Better Than You and what’s in store for him in 2020.

Image:  Christopher Tweats from Crewe, UK

First of all, tell us about you, Chris. When were you first introduced to music?

I’ve always been into music from a very young age, it was always played around the house but mainly pop and dance music. I had always wanted to play an instrument and had my first guitar when I was about 9 but struggled to play.

Who’s been the greatest influence on your sound?

I would have to say Drake has had the biggest influence on my music in terms of defining genres and never letting himself be limited. Current country artists such as Luke Bryan, Eric Church and Sam Hunt have also had a major influence on my current sound. Phil Collins is also another.

When did you start work on this new single? How was the process?

I first worked on Someone Better Than You in 2015. I sat down one day with my guitar and played some chords, once I had a sound, I began writing lyrics from then it just kept building.

Can you sum up the single lyrically and musically?

The song is about a relationship that has ended causing the person to come to terms with it being over and what went wrong. It then builds on learning to move on and eventually finding someone better than the previous person.

How does it develop on your previous work?

The first song I have ever written still needs to be completed, I wrote three quarters of a song in 2014 and have only just written the final section of the song. If it wasn’t for the first song, I wrote then Someone Better Than You would not exist. I have a total of three songs out all which are different from each other.

Generally, how do you work on your lyrics? Do lyrics or the music come first?

For me I feel the music comes first with my guitar. I tend to play chords till I like the sound and then wait for the lyrics to come into my head.

How did the single title come about?

The song title come about with it being the main part in the chorus, the moment I added the section into the song I knew Someone Better Than You had to be the song title.

What’s been the reaction from listeners so far?

The reaction I have had from friends, family and also listeners has been great they love my song. My songs have also seen an increase of plays on SoundCloud.

What was the best experience you’ve had singing this live and why?

Unfortunately, I have not done any performances live. I was offered the opportunity on BBC radio Stoke when I had my music interview last minute but did not have my guitar with me.

What’s next for Christopher Tweats?

2020 has started amazingly with having my first radio interview on BBC Radio Stoke. The plan will be to hopefully get my songs heard even more and hopefully more radio play, continue making more songs and get an opportunity to perform my songs live.

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