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- 15 Oct 2019 -

In this interview, we catch up with Erin At Eleven –  songwriter, guitarist, sound engineer, would-be studio producer from Glasgow, Scotland – all about her new Eclectic EP.

First of all, tell us about you. When were you first introduced to music?

That’s actually a tricky one to pinpoint exactly! I guess through my family, my mum, sister, brother and brother in law in particular. They’re all musical in one way or another and my mum and sister are both talented writers so they likely whet my appetite for composing poems, lyrics and music when I was a teenager.

Who has been the greatest influence on your sound?

Growing up, bands like Death Cab for Cutie undoubtedly influenced my music and lyrics but in all honesty, I don’t think I sound too much like my music heroes. I think my weird, eclectic music taste has sort of had the biggest influence on my sound over the years and as my taste and general character develops, so does my sound hopefully.

When did you start work on this new EP? How was the process?

It’s been quite a fragmented process, at times, I’d say because the tracks have made their way onto the EP in different ways. I wrote ‘Over You’ for example, almost a decade ago as a simple ditty with acoustic guitar but it’s been remixed by Munich-based producer, Siobhan Dakay for the EP and the song took on this whole new jazz/blues vibe which I really dig. ‘Only Myself To Blame’ started life as a MIDI-based, electronic instrumental I composed a couple of years ago, which I then wrote lyrics and recorded instrumentation for. I wrote and recorded the other two tracks off the EP this year while my sound has been undergoing a bit of a shift. It was pretty interesting to let myself experiment with these two tracks, both from a creative songwriting view and production standpoint, using a new DAW, synths etc. It’s been a fun challenge making my own EP but I enjoy a good challenge and I’m happy the tracks have found a wee home together because they’re pretty different from one another!

Can you sum up the EP lyrically and musically?

Musically, I think the EP is about variety and lends itself to a kind of refusal to be self-limiting and put oneself in any particular box. Again, lyrically, it’s a bit of a mix but I like to think it’s just more emo nonsense from me as per J

How do you work on your lyrics? Do lyrics or the music come first?

The music always comes first. I jam on my guitar or on the keys, get a riff or a melody going that interests me and when that happens, the lyrics just seem to flow naturally like a wee spark has been ignited in my brain. Once I start writing a song, I usually finish the lyrics off pretty quickly: they pour out and I’m just a musical middle-woman getting it down on paper before they dissipate! Writing lyrics is probably when I’m both most content and challenged in life.

How did the EP title come about?

Eclectic EP came about simply because I feel the tracks are pretty different from one another, genre-wise, and also as a way for me to embrace the fact that my own sound is developing all the time in varied and interesting ways for me (and hopefully others!)

Whats your favourite song to play live and why?

Good question! One of my songs called ‘No More’ which hasn’t been released yet. It’s an acoustic track with a bit of a blues feel. It has this wee fingerpicky hook and lyrically, out of all my songs, I resonate with it the most. The song means a lot to me.

What’s next for Erin At Eleven?

Finishing off the production on my debut album ‘DNA’, recording and producing other independent artists in the studio, general engineering here and there and gigging! I’ve already started writing the second album – I’m terrible for starting new projects all the time but I should probably finish mixing the first album first eh…









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