LATEST NEWS … from Music Talks (Tracey Arbon)

- 19 Nov 2018 -

In this interview, we catch up with Tracey Arbon with what’s new at Music Talks.

Image: Tracey Arbon singer/songwriter/entrepreneur/founder of Music Talks 

First of all, what inspired Music Talks?

Although I’d taken a large break from my career as a singer, (due to many personal circumstances), I felt that I wasn’t ready to get out and perform, so I thought about doing something from home where I could still be here for my kids. Both my girls are on ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and they both required a lot of help.

The other thing was knowing the frustrations of artists to find ways to ‘Get Out There’. I’ve always thought that marketing is the number 1 thing (after the music has been created) to focus on and to get people to notice you; I never wanted Music Talks to be just be a blog site, but a music site with the capacity to promote and market  artists as well.

How is Music Talks different from other music promotion sites? 

Things have changed a lot in the music business and Music Talks is taking indie music into a completely different sphere …  Aesthetically, I wanted it to be clean and simple. A place where artists get to tell their story (not bio’s). An opportunity to write about anything they wish – a cause they believe in, or a memory while on tour etc. As well as creating the content for them, and marketing them on all platforms (not just on social media), I also submit articles to other (paid for by us) services to help get the word out.  I also want artists to understand more about the business side of things: changing how they think and act, helping them understand why they need to create content in only 30 sec grabs, why they need to be talking to people, why they need to engage and so much more.

Who is your target audience?

Initially Music Talks gained attention from an older age bracket, however, latest analytics show more attention from 18-35s. Actually, there are two audiences: the fans, and the artists. The fans are not necessarily where the artists are, and you need to keep on top of where the fans actually are.

What services do you provide?

We’ve just announced our Artist Packages which are really affordable: a full month of marketing and promotion, artist’s story told and featured on the site, with all content (including video content) created for them. That’s what we call the Bass package and is the first package available. The packages then scale up depending on the artist’s needs and budget. Then we have the new Artist Directory which enables an artist to be listed and a few of their tracks available via a private portal which is only available to radio for radio play on their shows, should radio find something suitable. I also have so much more, like eBooks and courses including my 35-video Singing Lessons course!

What are the biggest challenges faced by indie artists today?

The main thing is to get people to hear their music – which is no easy feat. Artists are also possibly overwhelmed with who to listen to (for advice), what to do and who to trust. Artists need to be careful – quite often they can fall into a trap of listening to someone simply because they agree with them, instead of trying something different and working on something they actually don’t understand. This can quite often be the key as to why they don’t move forward. It’s very difficult to be that honest with yourself and step outside your comfort zone, but no-one said it is easy and, like anything worthwhile, it takes hard work and perseverance.

What feedback have you had from artists that you’ve helped?

Some have said the information I’ve given them is priceless, others that it is special and stands out in the way I create content to be noticed and reach people.

What’s next for Music Talks?

Big plans for Music Talks, which I cannot disclose at this point. I do plan to move into some kind of premises with some staff to help me out. I’ve just engaged someone to help me out for the next 12 months to help behind the scenes on the Music Talks website, so I can focus on other things and our expansion etc. There are also plans, as we speak, to obtain global sponsorship – all part of the larger picture of Music Talks.










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