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- 03 Feb 2020 -

In this interview, we catch up with Sean Buckley about his new album ‘mintball’ which is released on the 4th of February 2020.  

Image: Sean Buckley from Salford, UK

First of all, tell us about you, Sean. When were you first introduced to music?

My dad owned a few records, The Dubliners and The Clancy Brothers, so I played them but it was when I first heard electronic music that I became intrigued to where the sounds came from. I was able to loan albums from the public library in Salford, so I listened to Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, The Art of Noise and Jean Michel Jarre. This is when I also got into soundtracks and classical music.

Who has been the greatest influence on your sound?

Probably New Order have been the biggest influence on me, being from my hometown but I aspire to sound like Yann Tiersen, but I like to play in different styles.

When did you start work on this new album? How was the process?

The tracks have been written over the last two years, when I got an iPad as a sweetener on a new phone contract. The iPad came with the GarageBand app already installed and I have only used this to make the album.

Can you sum up the album musically?

Each tune has a one-word name, describing the piece. Each tune is hopefully descriptive, melodic and uplifting.

How did the album title come about?

I used to write music, under the moniker of mintball as it seemed as though everyone has to have a moniker if they are a bedroom producer/composer. Sean Buckley is my name so I use that now, but mintball seemed apt as a name for the album.

What’s your favourite song to play live and why?

I haven’t played this stuff live, but I’m sure that I could get a little group together, to do the tunes justice to a live audience.

What’s next for Sean Buckley?

I’m promoting mintball and hoping to get invited to perform at some festivals. I have some tunes ready for another album, but I want to try and turn the tunes into songs.

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