LATEST NEWS! … WIGWAM AWARDS 2019 … Recognising the Wealth of Unsigned & Emerging Musical Talent

- 13 Nov 2019 -

We all know that there are countless bands and artists out there who really aren’t getting the attention they deserve. WIGWAM Online Radio has been focusing its efforts on bringing such acts a bit more of the limelight by, yet again, staging its annual music awards.

The station, which is based in the UK, was launched in early 2016. In the time since then, it has built up a strong network of DJs across the globe (from North America all the way to Australia), along with an expansive social media following (27k on Twitter and 9k on Facebook) plus a loyal and diverse international audience. From the very beginning, its team have looked to champion the cause of the independent music scene and provide listeners with something way beyond the overly commercially-driven mainstream.

This year saw a record number of sponsors involved in the awards – with record labels, PR agencies, recording studios and even a clothing company all giving their support. Expanding the scope of the previous two award weeks, this time there were eleven categories – with Alternative Rock being added to the longer-standing ones of Best Band, Best Single, Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Hard Rock/Metal Act, Best Indie Act, Best Folk Act, Best Electro Act, Best Urban Act and Best Country Act.

Last year’s winners included Lemonade Kid, Margaret Medlock, Ms. Mohammed, White Mash and September Campbell. Having gained nominations in all three years since the awards were inaugurated (the only act to do so), and just narrowly losing out last year on one of the trophies, English rock vixen Verity White finally got her hands on the Best Female Artist crown. Likewise, Nitty Gritty, who was runner up in the 2018 Best Country Act, was victorious this time around (thanks to his deft integration of hip-hop and country sounds).

Pictured: Country act winner Nitty Gritty

“I think it was really great to see Verity and Nitty Gritty, who both work so tireless, win their respective categories this year, as they have come so close in the past,” says WIGWAM co-founder Chris John. “They’ve really showed how persistence pays of.”

“It also means that those who weren’t lucky enough to get one of the accolades, or a nomination, this time around should stay positive and keep on plugging away,” he concludes.

Pictured: Verity White & Bob Brockwell (bass player with Far Suns Fall) with their awards

Elsewhere, Best Band went to Scottish trio Primes and Best Male Artist was Nordic songsmith Vilnes (who dark moody compositions have echoes of Nick Cave). Triumphant in the Best Indie Act was Last Day Sect (a band made up of music industry veterans), with Michigan-located Deep Fall picking up the Best Hard Rock/Metal Act. In the Best Folk Act category it was young chanteuse Francesca May that came out on top, while the judging panel unanimously agreed that Fused was the standout candidate for Best Electro Act. The Jazz-infused rap material released by Harvest Blaque & Co resulted in them gaining the Urban Act title and Evening Optimist took the first Best Alternative Rock Act award. Finally, Far Suns Fall’s ‘Shape of the World’ was named Best Single, with Welsh act Desert Life’s ‘My Darling Friend’ a very worthy second.

Pictured: Last Day Sect plus Harvest Blaque & Co

“We are really pleased how well this year’s awards week turned out, and the buzz it has managed to create,” adds Chris’ fellow WIGWAM co-founder, Mike Green. “It’s gaining more and more momentum every time we hold it.”

When asked what the station plans next, he replied; “So we are looking to broadening the scope of our shows in 2020, with several new DJs due to join the ranks soon. We’ve just arranged a merch deal too. There is also the possibility of us establishing a small festival in the not too distant future, though it’s still early days on this.”


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