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- 01 Jun 2020 -

Image: Lynz Crichton, acoustic folk indie alternative artist from the UK

When were you first introduced to music?

I think I might have popped out at birth singing!? I am not exactly sure when I was first introduced to music. I just remember it being all around during my upbringing. My mum was really into Motown growing up but on my dad’s side they all loved The Beatles and Britpop so I guess you could say I had a nice mixture of musical flavours infuse my own taste and style.

Tell me about your favourite teachers

Ooooh well I had quite a few but I do remember my old maths teacher called Mr Bucket. I never had a huge amount of confidence in maths, although that’s all changed after running my own business, but I distinctly remember he taught with such heart. He basically told us all over and over again that we COULD do it, and proved it time and time again, but I’ll never forget his kindness. In most of my subjects at school I found them mostly doable without too much effort, but in maths, I really needed a teacher who was both supportive and kind. I spent 10 years of my life being a secondary school teacher before becoming a pro musician (!) and I always remembered Mr Bucket and his kindness when I was dealing with my own students. A teacher shouldn’t just teach a subject, but they should teach confidence too.

What are your fondest musical memories?

Well I once found a songwriting competition online by First Direct, where you could submit a song and win a prize. I was one holiday at the time and didn’t really read the blurb and never in a million years think I’d win. So, my husband and I were sitting outside on holiday drinking French wine trying to decide which song I should submit, as it was just the lyrics, no recording. I chose my song called ‘The Map You Follow’ which is a song I kept for my email subscribers, as it was written for my grandma when she passed away and it was very special to me. When I got back from holiday, I had a notification on Facebook that I needed to get in touch with First Direct straight away as I had won the competition! I called them up as I thought I was being punk’d. The lady on the phone said ‘not only have you won, but your song was selected out of hundreds of submissions by none other than the board at the MOBO Awards in London who were judging the songwriting, and you’ve won a weekend songwriting Masterclass with none other than JinJin – songwriter to the stars!’. Jin Jin writes all the hits for acts like Jess Glynn, Little Mix, Clean Bandit and more! I was absolutely thrilled not only to have won, but to be invited by songwriting royalty to Metropolis Studios in London where I got to spend the weekend, with top producers, top studio engineers, other musicians to collaborate on new music songs.

What’s your favourite TV theme tune and/or film soundtrack?

Oooooh this is such a tricky one as I love so many TV Theme tunes at the moment. We are real Netflix binge-watchers (when we have time!!) and I have recently been watching The Last Kingdom which has a lovely Viking-ish chanting theme tune, but I also love the Ozark soundtrack. One opening credit tune I will always member is the ‘When I Am Through With You’ – by The VLA which was for the TV show called Damages – so good! But one of my fave soundtracks is also for the TV show Britannia as it’s very 60s psychedelic, which is quite contrasting to the storyline!

What was the last music download/ CD you bought?

Today I bought KT Tunstall’s new track. She has always been a fave of mine!

Imagine you’ve been given £250 to spend on anything music-related. How will you spend it?

Oooooh SO. MANY. THINGS! Ok, so at the moment I think I’d buy a new electro-ukulele to add some different sounds to my recordings. I currently make a point at my signature concerts (online and offline!) that I continue to play my 4 year old daughter’s toy Ukulele as the winning song I wrote it on, was voted the number 1 song on my second EP, and it just wouldn’t be right to play it on anything else! That being said, a nice new one wouldn’t go amiss! 😂

How do you balance music with your other obligations?

Well, especially during this COVID period it has been especially hard. As I was a former teacher I have felt it right that I home school both of my children properly, and as a consequence my music making has taken a bit of a backseat. But one thing I do every week without fail is go live on Twitter, Periscope and YouTube to play 2 songs at 2pm BST on my social media channels, with the aim of bringing joy to people’s homes just for a 20-minute break. Even today (and I am writing this on #BlackoutTuesday) my Patrons and I decided we should still go live as people really do need connection and music in these trying times.

Happiness is … Love. Service. Giving. Mutual Respect.


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