Music & Me with … Hollie Findlay

- 01 Aug 2020 -
Image: Hollie Findlay 17 yr old contemporary R&B, Soul artist. Born in Athens, Greece, grew up in UK and Kefalonia island 

Tell me, when were you first introduced to music?

I grew up listening to a lot of music, even just around the house. My mom and dad always played a lot of 80’s and 70’s. I think, without even knowing it, I adopted a liking for generations of music I wasn’t even a part of because of it.

Tell me about your favourite teachers

I’ve always learnt things by myself. Sometimes because I had to, and sometimes because it would just come easier that way. With singing, and guitar, even schoolwork. My favourite teacher is probably Google or YouTube.

What are your fondest musical memories?

There was a specific time I played for a crowd of Greek scouts on a scouts trip I had been on. There was a stage, and at least a thousand scouts around my age in an auditorium-like outdoor space. I don’t particularly remember actually singing, I think I was too busy in shock of how engaged everyone was.

What is your favourite TV theme tune and/or film soundtrack?

I watched Euphoria recently, the HBO series. The soundtrack on there was one of the best I’ve ever heard. Every song fits it’s scene immaculately. I can picture every scene just listening to the song by itself.

What was the last music download/ CD you bought?

I don’t think many people buy music these days. If I could buy one song or album, I’d either choose one from Clairo, Wallows, or SZA. The last song I downloaded on my Spotify was ‘Lo-fi children’ by ‘Wild Party.

Imagine you’ve been given £250 to spend on anything music-related. How will you spend it?

I wish I could say I’d invest it and wait, but I’d definitely run straight to buy my dream guitar. A Gretsch streamliner, which unfortunately is more expensive than the money I’ve hypothetically been given.

How do you balance music with your other obligations?

I tend to plan things out in my head to a certain extent, but when it comes to music, there won’t be many days when I don’t find even just half an hour to write, or play and sing, or sit at my computer and mix a track. I always find time, somehow.

Happiness is … subjective. I used to think it was being wealthy and comfortable, but I’ve realized as I’ve grown up that it’s more than just that. If I could put it in one word, I’d say that happiness is success. And everyone’s interpretation of success can be different. For me, it’s knowing that maybe one day, something I create could impact someone even just a little.

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