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- 01 Nov 2018 -
Image: Jennifer Doll from New Jersey, USA

When were you first introduced to music?

I don’t know the first song I ever listened to, I actually couldn’t give you the last song I listened to either! Though ‘Perfect Places’ by Lorde has been in my head all day, so it was probably that.  I grew up with the classics, especially Fleetwood Mac, The Allman Brothers Band, Meatloaf, The Doors, and then all the other songs that are usually on repeat on the classic rock radio station today. I used to dance around the house to ‘Tusk’ all the time, apparently. I also have an older sister, so she introduced me to radio pop at a young age, and I loved/still love Britney.  I find it interesting that my favorite voice, Karen Carpenter, was introduced to me during that time; but I don’t know if I already innately appreciated her then, or if it was a more recently developed admiration. I found out that ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’ was actually a cover just a few months ago, and I had loved that song for maybe a decade already, and it just devastated me.

Tell us about your favourite teachers

My favorite teacher… mm. I think I have two: my band teacher and calculus teacher. My middle school band teacher was the first to tell me that I had some kind of natural inkling towards music. I had been attempting to play drums in elementary school, but switched to trumpet in 6th  grade because I wanted something with melody—I now regret that choice, but also found out that I love the physicality of a wind instrument, which later translated into my late love of singing. But anyway, he was the first to truly encourage me and I genuinely felt like he wanted to see me succeed. Now, I love math—at least I did before Calc II, that class took everything out of it for me. So, I already had an established disposition towards the subject. But she, too, made me feel like I was really excelling in the subject and encouraged me during every step. I think I’m seeing a trend of needing encouragement here ha-ha!

What are your fondest musical memories?

Every live show I’ve seen, though there haven’t been too many… yet. And then every show I’ve performed in. And then I think every time I’ve listened to music. It’s all just a great memory. I mean, yeah.

What is your favourite TV theme tune and film soundtrack?

The Game of Thrones opening track, definitely. That composition is beautiful and so melodic! It’s such a great melody. Really fun to sing. And then I’ve always found the American Horror Story opening track really compelling. I was a 13-year-old when Twilight came out, so I think by Law, that was my favorite film soundtrack, next to Juno. I was actually just listening to the latter the other day and I made a tweet saying it may be the best soundtrack ever to be paired to a movie.

What was the last download/ CD you bought? ​

The last physical CD I bought was my own ha-ha! I had to make sure that the printing was okay (which it was NOT). But before that, I bought Florence + the Machine’s High as Hope. The last two digital albums were Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? by The Cranberries and Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator. I’m a real big CD-junkie though and hate buying digital when I don’t have to.

Imagine you’ve been given US 300.00 to spend on equipment, downloads, vinyl, CDs, DVDs or concert tickets. How will you spend it?

I’m actually looking at $200 Fleetwood Mac tickets with my mom right now, so, there goes that after service fees.

How do you balance music with other obligations?

For right now, I have a very easy temporary office job. I live at home with my parents and I’m fortunate to have a lot of free time. Unfortunately, someone is almost always home and they don’t really know I sing so I can’t record vocals. So, I just try to do as much instrumental stuff on Logic as I can and then record in the spare days where I’m home alone. But even that’s hard in itself as most times I just don’t feel like doing anything and soaking up the silence. Or crazy dancing/singing around the house. And I guess that bit of forcing myself to do vocals feels like doing work, at least the set-up of it; once I’m singing, I don’t want to stop.

Happiness is … Wake Up – Arcade Fire

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