Music & Me with … Sander Matell

- 01 Jan 2020 -
 Image: Sander Matell, music producer from Sweden

When were you first introduced to music?

That’s when I was about 10 years old and my mom bought me my first instrument, a trumpet. Getting that trumpet was a highlight in my life as a kid.

Tell me about your favourite teachers

After playing the trumpet for about two years, I played the guitar for a couple of years. I was always motivated when starting to play a new instrument but found myself losing interest after a while. I stopped playing the guitar at the age of 15-16 and have since then only played the piano, which I’ve been practicing all by myself. This means I’ve only had two teachers, which was a long time ago. So, I’ll have to pick them both as my favourite teachers for enduring with me despite my lack of interest. Today my main focus is on producing music and everything I know about that is self-taught.

What are your fondest musical memories?

I have so many good memories that I’m not sure which one to choose. One event that comes to my mind is from when I visited Dublin a couple of years ago with some of my friends. We were sitting in a pub and enjoying amazing live music. The atmosphere was sensational and everyone was happy and singing for a couple of hours. That’s a great memory!

What is your favourite TV theme tune and film soundtrack?

That’s definitely the theme from The Night Of. I could listen to that forever. Regarding soundtracks, I’d pick Gladiator. There’s some stunning music in that movie.

What was the last music download/ CD you bought?

I can’t remember the last CD I bought, but the last single must be ‘In Your Arms’ by Illenium and X Ambassadors. The song is part of Illenium’s album Ascend and the whole album is absolutely amazing.

Imagine you’ve been given GBP 250.00 to spend on equipment, downloads, vinyl, CDs, DVDs or concert tickets. How will you spend it?

The first priority would be to upgrade my studio to get better acoustics. If there would be any money left over, I would use them to attend live music concerts. You can’t attend too many live concerts!

How do you balance music with your other obligations?

That’s hard considering I have a full-time job and a family. Having a full-time job means I’m not dependent of my music generating any income, which is a relief. But having a family, which will always come first, means that my musical activities always take place late at night when my two kids have gone to bed. A consequence of this has also been that I’ve had to let go of other interests in my life in order to have time to focus on what’s most important to me.

Happiness is … being healthy and doing what you love.

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