Music & Me with … Saskia Vese

- 01 Sep 2017 -

Image: Saskia Vese, country rock pop recording artist from the UK

When were you first introduced to music? 

My mum was a massive Elvis Presley fan and I fell in love with Elvis too. And when Grease came out, that was a turning point.  Olivia Newton John was and is my favourite singer.  I also used to sing Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey‘s songs very loudly around the house.

Tell me about your favourite teachers

When I was a kid I was a gymnast and very into dancing – with my head completely in the choreography side of gymnastics. I just loved the Hooked-on Classics series we danced to – Rachmaninoff especially. My teacher, Yvonne, was very structured and good at gymnastics herself, I really looked up to her. In those days, I was training 3 nights a week, mornings before school, plus Saturdays and Sundays.  Then I went swimming as well. Quite a lot for a kid. That’s probably why I like sleep so much now!

Now that I think of it, another favourite (Geography) teacher was called Mr Western – which is a bit of a coincidence seeing as I am now a country rock pop artist. LOL

What are your fondest musical memories? 

Singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow with my sister!

Today, my fondest and proudest moments are having released my two songs – Say Hello and Good Girl. I simply didn’t know I was a recording artist. And that was a huge discovery!  Sure, I used to entertain, and sing and act out Elvis songs. People would fall around! They told me I was a comedian and almost convinced me! I never never believed that I had a recording voice.

Thinking back, for me the first defining moment was when Shania Twain came out. It fuelled me. I went into a studio and recorded 16 cover tracks in one take! OMG. It was there… straight away. It was apparent her songs just suited me! I suppose that was when I started to discover myself.

And then I met my record label. I thought I was going for a singing job. However, it was a job to do an album and sign to the record label. When they told me I had a recording voice, that was a huge moment. And when we completed the first song Say Hello – that was incredible. I didn’t know I could even sound like that! I wish my family in heaven could all hear it now. They would be so excited!

What’s your favourite TV theme tune/ film soundtrack?

Grease:  You’re the one that I want. When Grease came out, I watched it a million times. I’ve even got that costume – the one Olivia wore.  There was a time when I watched Grease every night – twice – for a couple of months! Can you believe it!

What was the last download/ CD that you bought?

Indigo: Women of Song by Olivia Newton John.

You have been given a voucher for £250.00 to spend on equipment, CDs, DVDs or tickets. How will you spend it?

If Olivia or Shania Twain were in concert in UK, I’d spend the money on tickets to see them. Plus, I’d buy more of their albums and T shirts on the day. No stopping me!

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

I don’t! I’m a Capricorn, and, guess what? We are goats. I reckon I’m a good example of a goat! I keep on and on and on for ever until I reach the top of the hill.  When I stop, I sleep for 3 days and just get up for food!  Doing modelling, music and everything else is a lot. It also means it’s hard to have a day off without feeling guilty. ?

Happiness is … knowing that one day I’m going to mean something to quite a few people. My mum for one… letting her see me get somewhere with my music. She saw a talent in me I’d never acted on before. She told me… but I never believed before.



You can buy Saskia’s music from these links:

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