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- 01 Oct 2019 -

Image: Isabel Villagar, Vocal Coach

When were you first introduced to music?

My musical vocation was born in the school choir thanks to a passionate music teacher. Later I studied Piano and Singing and finally finished my bachelor in Singing Pedagogy. My parents started taking me to concerts when I was 6 years old, and I remember that I loved attending the Palau de la Música in Valencia. While listening to music I imagined stories and even wrote them down in the concert programs.

Tell me about your favourite teachers

I have very good memories of my school music teacher, Jordi Alamán and especially of my singing teachers: Alba Rosa Forasté (believed in me from the start), Francesca Roig (was my guide in the repertoire), Montserrat Caballé R.I.P. (improved my breathing technique) Chapman, Joanne Rutkowski, Ingo Titze, Johan Sundberg, David Jones and Karen Brunssen. I know some of these pedagogical eminences personally and they are really wonderful people who guide me.

What are your fondest musical memories?

If I had to list them, I would need another full interview. I have lived really amazing moments in singing lessons, both when I received them and when I gave them (there are really magical moments that are almost in privacy); I have attended memorable concerts and I have lived amazing moments singing myself on stage … Really everything that nourishes our life with sound becomes part of it. That is why I always recommend to surround yourself with the best music and audit new paths every day. Best music makes life magical and wonderful.

What is your favourite TV theme tune and film soundtrack?

I usually follow the TV talent shows of singers like Got Talent, OT, The Voice, etc … About soundtracks, a classic that inspires me is The Mission, with music by Ennio Morricone and Life is beautiful, by Nicola Piovani.

What was the last music download/ CD you bought?

The last CD of Salvador Sobral to which I had the pleasure of listening live. Also, the last CDs of Natalia Lafourcade and Noa (Ajinoam Nini).

Imagine you’ve been given GBP 250.00 to spend on equipment, downloads, vinyl, CDs, DVDs or concert tickets. How will you spend it?

I would spend that money on attending live music concerts because the live experience is unique and irreplaceable. I would also spend it on education: books, congresses, conferences, etc ….

How do you balance music with your other obligations?

Music is present in my day to day. I love discovering the unique characteristics of each singer and each voice. It is a fascinating world. It’s hard to unlink the music of my life. Even when I’m in the supermarket and I listen to a certain song I think about which student could sing it :).

Happiness is ... doing what you love every day. In my case, teach to sing and enjoy and make others enjoy music. Sharing my experience with others and being in a constant state of curiosity allows me to enjoy constant learning. My wish for all your readers is to SING HAPPY 🙂


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