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12 Jan 2019 LATEST NEWS … from Fiona Ross

In this interview, we catch up with Fiona Ross on her soon to be released album Fierce and Non-Compliant.

Image: Fiona Ross Jazz Vocalist/Songwriter/Pianist/Producer/ Journalist from London, UK

First of all, tell us about you. When were you first introduced to music?

Well I was pretty much born into it and I really don’t know anything else. My Mother would tell you that I was singing before I could walk.

01 Jan 2019 Music and Me with … Marcus Mandible

Image: Marcus Mandible, Hip-Hop Artist, Promoter and Host from Brighton, UK

When were you first introduced to music?

I have been involved in music since I was a child, playing electric and bass guitar in a couple bands as a teenager. I come from a family of Brighton Punks so music has always been an important part of my life. My first introduction to lyricism that I genuinely cared about was Linkin Park’s first album.

07 Dec 2018 FIRST NEWS! from Gabriel Isserlis, founder of Tutti

IMAGE: Gabriel Isserlis, CEO and Founder of Tutti
Photographer: Will Alder

I was thrilled to catch up with Gabriel and hear all about his unique venture Tutti – which connects performing artists with rehearsal space in London.

First of all, tell us about your musical background

My family have been in music for generations. My father, however, is an intense act to follow.