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19 Nov 2018 LATEST NEWS … from Music Talks (Tracey Arbon)

In this interview, we catch up with Tracey Arbon with what’s new at Music Talks.

Image: Tracey Arbon singer/songwriter/entrepreneur/founder of Music Talks 

First of all, what inspired Music Talks?

Although I’d taken a large break from my career as a singer, (due to many personal circumstances), I felt that I wasn’t ready to get out and perform, so I thought about doing something from home where I could still be here for my kids.

01 Nov 2018 Music & Me with … Jennifer Doll

Image: Jennifer Doll from New Jersey, USA

When were you first introduced to music?

I don’t know the first song I ever listened to, I actually couldn’t give you the last song I listened to either! Though ‘Perfect Places’ by Lorde has been in my head all day, so it was probably that.  I grew up with the classics, especially Fleetwood Mac, The Allman Brothers Band, Meatloaf, The Doors, and then all the other songs that are usually on repeat on the classic rock radio station today.

22 Oct 2018 LATEST NEWS…WIGWAM BAM! Awards Celebrate Strength & Diversity of the Global Music Scene

Frank Palangi –  WINNER Best Male Artist

Ms. Mohammed – WINNER Best Female Artist

September Campbell – WINNER Best Country Act

 White Mash – WINNER Best Urban Act

Now in its second year, the WIGWAM Online Radio Awards is all about getting exposure to emerging acts and paying recognition to the unsung heroes of the music industry. In total there are ten different categories, covering a broad spectrum of musical genres – namely Best Band, Best Single, Best Female Artist, Best Indie Act, Best Rock Act, Best Male, Best Urban Act, Best Folk Act, Best Electro Act and Best Country Act.