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01 May 2021 Music & Me with … Gabriella di Laccio

Image by Anatole Klapouch:  Gabriella di Laccio, Soprano, BBC Most Inspirational #100Women2018, Founder & Curator @donne_uk – Equality Activist

In this interview Elizabeth chats to the world-renowned artist, whose upcoming plans include the concerts with world premières of new works by Nicola LeFanu, Kristina Arakelyan, Joanna Ward and Anna Appleby just after the Summer (fingers crossed). Most immediate plans include hugging as many friends as she can once the pandemic is over!

01 Apr 2021 Music & Me with … Wishlist MK

Image: Wishlist MK – Siphoning meaningful things from life. Amateur Music Producer from Ontario, Canada

In this interview, Elizabeth chatted to Wishlist MK, the artist behind  Away from You 

When were you first introduced to music?
At the age of 11, got my first keyboard and since then there’s no looking back.

Tell me about your favourite teachers
Since it was in an amateur capacity that I had always interacted with music so it was mostly on YouTube that I found some great teachers and learned the music.

01 Mar 2021 Music & Me with … HeleFonix

Image: Helen Meissner aka Helefonix from Stevenage, UK

In this interview, Elizabeth chatted with Helen (aka Helefonix nee MidLifeMix) –  who has recently launched her latest EP called Orchestral ManoeuvresWinner of Clouzine #BestDanceEP.

When were you first introduced to music?

My earliest memory was being taught ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony’ by our babysitter.