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02 Oct 2020 LATEST NEWS from … Duel of Sins

Pictured Molly (top) and Quinch: Duel of Sins

In this interview, Elizabeth chatted to Duel of Sins whose EP – Triad – is released today 2 October 2020.

When were you both  first introduced to music?

Molly: My first recollection of a song was “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton. I just remember it sounding very soothing and feminine as a little girl.

01 Oct 2020 Music & Me with … Mindy Chuang

Image: Mindy Chuang, pianist & composer

When were you first introduced to music?

My mom sent me to Yamaha piano class when I was three or four while I was in Taiwan.  It was that much of fun yet the snack was the most memorable part of that learning.

Tell me about your favorite teachers

I have quite a few from different stages of my life, but there was one most memorable piano teacher I had when I came to the U.S.A.

18 Aug 2020 Guest Post “Coping with an Uncertain Future” Rachael Roberts

Image: Rachael Roberts

I am delighted to share this inspiring and supportive guest post from Rachael Roberts. With 30 years’ experience in education as well as having trained in counselling, psychotherapy, meditation and life-coaching, Rachael specialises in helping those who are feeling anxious, overloaded or otherwise not living their best lives, to make deep, permanent, positive changes in their life and work.