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01 Aug 2020 Music & Me with … Hollie Findlay

Image: Hollie Findlay 17 yr old contemporary R&B, Soul artist. Born in Athens, Greece, grew up in UK and Kefalonia island 

Tell me, when were you first introduced to music?

I grew up listening to a lot of music, even just around the house. My mom and dad always played a lot of 80’s and 70’s. I think, without even knowing it, I adopted a liking for generations of music I wasn’t even a part of because of it.

01 Jul 2020 Music & Me with … Ava Bonam

Image: Ava Bonam from Berlin, Germany

When were you first introduced to music?

There was no silence, the radio was always turned on and there was one in every room. But the first time that I was consciously aware of music as something you do, was in kindergarten, probably around age 4 or 5. I remember, I was sitting in a circle with other children and a grown-up was teaching us a song and when I began to sing, I felt this great physical sensation of my voice in my body, my eyes were wide open and all the other children were staring at me.

01 Jun 2020 Music & Me with … Lynz Crichton

Image: Lynz Crichton, acoustic folk indie alternative artist from the UK

When were you first introduced to music?

I think I might have popped out at birth singing!? I am not exactly sure when I was first introduced to music. I just remember it being all around during my upbringing. My mum was really into Motown growing up but on my dad’s side they all loved The Beatles and Britpop so I guess you could say I had a nice mixture of musical flavours infuse my own taste and style.