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01 Jun 2020 Music & Me with … Lynz Crichton

Image: Lynz Crichton, acoustic folk indie alternative artist from the UK

When were you first introduced to music?

I think I might have popped out at birth singing!? I am not exactly sure when I was first introduced to music. I just remember it being all around during my upbringing. My mum was really into Motown growing up but on my dad’s side they all loved The Beatles and Britpop so I guess you could say I had a nice mixture of musical flavours infuse my own taste and style.

01 May 2020 Music & Me with … Whitney Tai

Image: Whitney Tai from New York, NY

In this interview Elizabeth chats to Whitney Tai who has just dropped a new single, Surrender, from her forthcoming album, Apogee.

When were you first introduced to music?

Music was very important in my house. My dad rotated the discography of the Beatles, Mo-Town classics and A LOT of brit-rock gems from the moment I was born.

01 Apr 2020 Music & Me with … Bobby Watts

Image: Bobby Watts (aka wordman54) from Plano, Texas, USA

In this interview, I was honored to chat with Bobby Watts, an incredibly generous supporter of musicians and lyricist, all about what music means to him.

Tell me Bobby, when were you first introduced to music?

At 12 years old I snuck a Beach Boys album into the house. My mom was not a fan of ’rock n roll’ and her response included some ‘Bible thumping’ <yikes>!