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07 Dec 2018 FIRST NEWS! from Gabriel Isserlis, founder of Tutti

IMAGE: Gabriel Isserlis, CEO and Founder of Tutti
Photographer: Will Alder

I was thrilled to catch up with Gabriel and hear all about his unique venture Tutti – which connects performing artists with rehearsal space in London.

First of all, tell us about your musical background

My family have been in music for generations. My father, however, is an intense act to follow.

01 Dec 2018 Music & Me with … Josephine Pascoe

Image: Pianist, violinist and flautist from London UK

When were you first introduced to music?

Apparently, as a baby I tried to conduct the BBC Symphony Orchestra when the Proms were on the TV! I started having piano lessons when I was 5, but before that I have vague recollections of tinkling on the piano with my mum, and playing about with a violin we had knocking about in the attic. 

19 Nov 2018 LATEST NEWS … from Music Talks (Tracey Arbon)

In this interview, we catch up with Tracey Arbon with what’s new at Music Talks.

Image: Tracey Arbon singer/songwriter/entrepreneur/founder of Music Talks 

First of all, what inspired Music Talks?

Although I’d taken a large break from my career as a singer, (due to many personal circumstances), I felt that I wasn’t ready to get out and perform, so I thought about doing something from home where I could still be here for my kids.