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29 May 2019 LATEST NEWS! Music for Critters has launched!

Michel Goguen pictured with Bella (photo by Denis Duquette)

In this interview, I chat to Michel, aka Open Strum, about his fantastic fundraiser “Music for Critters”  which has just launched – in its second year!

First of all, what is “Music for Critters” and why were you inspired to start?

I used to work at an animal shelter and that job changed everything for me.

01 May 2019 Music & Me with … Laptop Philharmonic

    Image: Sam, producer of progressive, piano-led electronica

In this interview, I caught up with Sam, aka Laptop Philharmonic, who has recently released a new album called – Two Monologues.

When were you first introduced to music?

I have an early memory or two of my mum playing classical music on our stereo system. It used to make me cry – “It’s too sad, turn it off!” I’d apparently say.

15 Apr 2019 Awesome artists websites for 2019

Image: Ross Barber-Smith, web designer, music lover, awesomeness aspirer

In this interview, Ross from Electric Kiwi answers our questions about how the best websites are built! Read on to learn from his expertise…

What should you consider when building your music website?

There are quite a few things to think about! But I’d say the most important things are to think about what you want to achieve with it, and how to guide the audience visiting the site towards that goal, for example:

  • If you’ve got a new release and that’s what you want people to listen to or buy, you need to make sure that’s the first thing people see.