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01 Oct 2020 Music & Me with … Mindy Chuang

Image: Mindy Chuang, pianist & composer

When were you first introduced to music?

My mom sent me to Yamaha piano class when I was three or four while I was in Taiwan.  It was that much of fun yet the snack was the most memorable part of that learning.

Tell me about your favorite teachers

I have quite a few from different stages of my life, but there was one most memorable piano teacher I had when I came to the U.S.A.

18 Aug 2020 Guest Post “Coping with an Uncertain Future” Rachael Roberts

Image: Rachael Roberts

I am delighted to share this inspiring and supportive guest post from Rachael Roberts. With 30 years’ experience in education as well as having trained in counselling, psychotherapy, meditation and life-coaching, Rachael specialises in helping those who are feeling anxious, overloaded or otherwise not living their best lives, to make deep, permanent, positive changes in their life and work.

01 Aug 2020 Music & Me with … Hollie Findlay

Image: Hollie Findlay 17 yr old contemporary R&B, Soul artist. Born in Athens, Greece, grew up in UK and Kefalonia island 

Tell me, when were you first introduced to music?

I grew up listening to a lot of music, even just around the house. My mom and dad always played a lot of 80’s and 70’s. I think, without even knowing it, I adopted a liking for generations of music I wasn’t even a part of because of it.