Testimonials & Awards


"Elizabeth’s piano pieces are intimate and dreamy, they evoke to me the melancholy of a stroll in autumn, an afternoon filled with emotions, perhaps with regrets and contemplation. Her sense of melody and harmonic invention is a delight to hear and her sensibility shines on all her tasteful vignettes. I can totally imagine her music being used as soundscape of romantic movies, so strong, evocative and emotional it is already by itself."- Patrick Talbot, Quebec, Canada

"Enjoy the beautiful piano virtuosity of Elizabeth Chute."- Bree Noble, Women of Substance Radio and Podcast #341

"Elizabeth your music is stunning and it was my pleasure to listen to it! Well done!"

"Very nice melody for this romantic and warm piece of piano music (Waltz for Rita). Very nice coda too ..."

"The Milky Way is a true work of beauty, love the way you bend the limits of the key and introduce new modes with the odd note or chord as the piece develops. The pure raw sound of contented. and curious/wonder… "

"This is interesting. You've got that modern minimalist arrangement, but the structure is more complex. I like classical stuff, and it's nice to hear someone writing something modern that has some complexity!"

"Elizabeth, your compositions and your playing are truly beautiful. Congrats on all of your successes in the various contests - it's a sign of great things to come for you! I wish you all the best in your career. "

"I find your music very relaxing to listen to and you are incredibly talented with what you have written. "

"The start of this composition reminds me of Gnossienne 1 by Erik Satie. It is delicate, yet eerie in its own special way. A beautiful piece of music."

"Great job! you can reach deep in one's soul with your lovely music."

"Oh SOoooooo Passionate and beautiful. A breath of fresh air :-)"

"You have such a wonderful feel for gentle, kind, and peaceful calm. "

"This has put me in such a serene and happy mood. :)"

"Mysterious, seductive and romantic. I love it. "

"I am speechless! It's absolutely stunning."

"I think they're charming and the core of each one is every bit as good as many of the things that get an airing on Classic FM."

"Loved it and I think it so lends itself to Film / TV scores apart from the fact that it is just very soothing and peaceful music to listen to."

"I enjoyed listening to the music - it's just at my level so I'm looking forward to learning the pieces!"

"à écouter et à réécouter avec plaisir .... subtil et délicat... Jolie composition bien construite et magnifiquement interprétée"

"Always happy when I hear your music, Elizabeth"
- Anonymous -


Member of Virtual Choir 6 - Erik Whitacre - May 2020
Winner of Premio Concurso Internacional Permanente ‘De la Creatividad al Piano’ September 2019
The Dream (2018 UK Songwriting Contest 2018) 7/10
The Piazza (2018 Maurice Ravel International Composition Competition) Honourable Mention, Finalist and 1st placed for England
Your Music Show - Indie Supporter of the Year
The Milky Way (2017 UK Songwriting Contest) 6.5/10
The Bridge (2017 UK Songwriting Contest) 6/10
The Piazza (2016 UK Songwriting Contest) 8/10
The Fountain (2016 UK Songwriting Contest) 7/10
Nostalgia alla Siciliana (2015 The UK Songwriting Contest) 7/10
Out of Words (2015 The UK Songwriting Contest) 7/10
Give Me Your Hand (2015 The UK Songwriting Contest) 6/10
Share the Load (2015 The UK Songwriting Contest) 6/10
Watching Your Mind (2015 The UK Songwriting Contest) 6/10